Smartphone App

The Brass Star Group, LLC. developed the award-winning first Transit Watch Smartphone App which is a quick and easy way for transit riders to communicate directly to transit security and police about suspicious activity, crimes in progress or quality of life problems at a transit station or on a bus or rail line.

The Transit Watch Smartphone App gives transit riders the option of sending a photo along with a text message directly to transit security and police and features an easy to use report form that gives officers the workable information they need to quickly respond to a user report.  In addition, there is a text/chat feature that allows the dispatcher and app user to text directly to each other all while still remaining anonymous if the user desires.

The app also comes with a full dispatch system that can be tailored to your agency needs.


The Brass Star Group, LLC. provides public awareness websites designed specifically for transit agencies that serve as a platform to engage and educate the public about transit safety and security.

The websites include awareness training for the public to learn about the DHS “Eight Signs of Terrorism”, transit safety videos, transit agency rider alerts and a transit safety "Kids Corner".

Our certified IT and web professionals help transit agencies navigate the daunting task of creating a website that incorporates both text and video content and maintain the social media connection that the public demands.


The Brass Star Group, LLC. provides the CalEMA certified Deviation Assessment and Response Training (DART) to transit employees, security and law enforcement.  This 8-hour training includes modules on terrorism awareness, deviation assessment both physical environment and behavioral and response.

Security and law enforcement modules include learning strategies to determine if a suspicious person, when questioned, is being truthful. 

Our instructors are state credentialed and federally certified to train FEMA courseware, law enforcement POST classes and other technical and professional courses are available.