About the Brass Star Group

The Brass Star Group, LLC has been a WBE/DBE/SBE government vendor for over 20 years, providing federal, state and local agencies with outreach tools, computer technical support, websites, mobile applications, training courseware and video production services and client specific channels for communication.

Our IT staff has been developing smartphone apps for over 100 government clients for over the past five years.  The IT staff background includes local, state and federal government projects that span such complex system as Space Shuttle Guidance, Navigation and Control, to Nuclear Submarine weapons/control computer laboratory development and law enforcement computer database systems. 

Over twelve years ago, the Brass Star Group, LLC was the first of its kind to introduce the “do it yourself” news feeds, channels and websites for government outreach and communication specializing in breaking news information and keeping their stakeholders up to date with direct and unbiased news and information that cannot be guaranteed through conventional news, radio, television and communication services. 

Our Emmy and Golden Mic awarding winning staff consists of current and former members of the news media with background experience from such corporations as CBS, NBC, ABC, KABC, KNX, KFWB, and PBS and others.  BSG has produced award winning videos for PSAs and timely government outreach topics.

The BSG, LLC law enforcement staff was the first to develop a behavioral analysis system for a Deviation Assessment and Response Training (DART) anti-terrorism course for law enforcement under a DHS grant for transit agencies and certified by CalEMA and listed in their catalog for presentation by BSG.

Our technical and production team is comprised of IT Professionals, app designers, an award winning video production team and sworn members of law enforcement who are certified to train FEMA courseware and law enforcement POST classes including, Anti-Terrorism, Media Relations and PIO training.