The BSG Transit Watch Smartphone App

The Brass Star Group, LLC. Transit Watch Smartphone App is the winner of the prestigious 2015 APTA Gold Award for best Safety and Security Technology.
The app provides a quick and easy way for transit riders to communicate directly to transit security and police about:
• Suspicious activity
• Crimes in progress
• Graffiti and vandalism
• Sexual harassment and assault
• Quality of life problems on the transit system
The Transit Watch Smartphone App let's transit riders instantly send to transit security and police:
• A photo
• A text message
• An audio note
An easy to use report form allows app users to add additional information for transit security and police.
App users can choose to receive updates on the incident they reported via:
• A text
• An email
A one-touch call button lets app users call transit security and police for non-emergency reports.Included in the app is a "Real Time Chat Feature" that allows a silent yet fully engaged form of communication with transit security and police through a real-time two-way chat channel and even stay anonymous.
The Brass Star Group, LLC. Transit Watch Smartphone App also comes with the robust BSG Police Dispatch and Reporting System that can be custom tailored to your agency needs. The Transit Watch Smartphone App is available free for both iPhones and Android phones on iTunes and Goggle Play.